From Italy, to the U.S., To Japan, To Velorath. Who is L.L. Maurizi, and what is Italian in Japan?

Since I was a kid my dream was that of becoming an author. I know, I know. I sounds like a pretty lame dream for a child. Whatever happened to astronaut, fighter-jet pilot, doctor, musician. 
Well I think it started because I was a heavy reader. Reading wasn't really a hobby appreciated in the neighborhood where I grew up, and while I was not a lonely child (I did have a lot of friends), that particular passion I could not share with anyone. Yet, that solitary realm I created for myself is what contributed to me discovering more worlds, characters, adventures, and ultimately, it's what made me want to create my own.

Like often dreams do, mine too was forgotten, or at least hidden in a small corner of my mind, with little hope to ever come out.

My life proceeded. I moved to the States where I completed my history studies. I worked there as a professor and a writer for articles, scripts, journals and more. After a few years I decided to move to Japan and that is where I had the idea of creating an experience for tourists who were interested in diving deeper into Japan, beyond simple sightseeing. While I worked on and invested in the project, COVID hit, and it forced me to rethink what I was doing.

Ironically, what was one of the hardest times for me, turned out to be the push I needed to rediscover that dream of mine. 
I started writing a story that I had had in my mind for a very long time, and that I could finally set on the page. Months later, and a lot of work later, by myself and with exceptional people I met online who decided to help, I finally finished my first book taking place in Velorath, and I hope it's only the beginning, because Velorath is vast and the world it sits in is rich and still waiting to be unveiled. 

My dream is finally coming to fruition. Will I be able to become an author? I don't know really, but I do know that now I have created a world I want to share with as many people as possible.






The Eight Lights is L.L. Maurizi's fist novel and the opening book of a longer saga that takes the main characters through a dangerous adventure in the fantastic continent of Velorath.

More than a thousand years ago a cataclysmic conflict known as the Final War riddled the continent and destroyed the Great Human Empire. Legend says that the bringers of such chaos, powerful sorcerers called radeons, were ultimately defeated by a coalition of all the nations of Velorath and the mystical Helelii, creatures sailing from a far continent beyond the Unnamed Sea.


Of the once all-powerful radeons only rumors remain. Considered a myth, Velorath has forgotten of them. Yet radeons still exist. Sixteen descendants of the ancient radeons are the keepers of the Eight Lights, the powerful schools of radea. One of them, Uriel, decides to come out of anonymity and isolation because he believes a mysterious enemy is about to bring destruction upon Velorath once again, and that only reuniting the Eight Lights will prevent a new devastation.


Follow un unlikely group of adventurers through amazing lands, different races, political conflicts, battles, magical realms, subterfuge, magic and steel, and learn of a rich history, religion, culture and immense powers.